VIP Buyer

Buying a Home....

What is a VIP Buyer and how do you become one?

When you become our VIP Buyer you gain access to our exclusive Buyer Handbook.  How much will it cost you?  Nothing!  Our fee is paid by the seller at closing.  Signing up is simple and free!

What is the Buyer Handbook?

By following the Handbook's checklists, you'll be ready to make an offer on the home you choose in the least possible amount of time.


How will this save you time?

We will meet your home buying needs with the least amount of hassle. The Buyer Handbook makes this possible by providing the detailed steps that drive our 3-step home buying system.

Step 1: Pre-Approval

Step 2: Internet-Assisted Home Search

We'll work to understand what you need and want in your new home, then use our experience and community knowledge to qualify the results provided by the latest search technology.

Step 3: Closing the Deal